Hayley and Arnaud are engaged

6 Feb 2012

Woman's Day magazine in New Zealand has today published an interview with Hayley Westenra and Arnaud Sabard in which they confirm their engagement on New Year's Day 2012. The complete article and interview is below, many thanks to Ross in the HWI forum for the scans.

Congratulations to Hayley and Arnaud from all of us at HWI!



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Congratulations on Hayley and Arnaud for the perfect engagement!

What a beautiful couple to get married!

God bless both Hayley and Arnaud for happy and romantic life as in her heavenly-blessed voice.

Looking forwad to hearing more good news for them in the near future.

I enjoy her deep heart-felt songs and her voice transmits so different emotional peace and couragement from any other listenings.

Her singing opened me a new world to live in different perspective.

Thanks Hayley!



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