The Late Late Show - RTÉ One (video)

13 Apr 2012

Hayley Westenra appeared on The Late Late Show on RTÉ One (Ireland) today (Friday), ahead of her forthcoming concert at the National Concert Hall on 14 June.

Hayley sang Wuthering Heights (written by Kate Bush) and you can see her performance below, either on its own or including the presenter's introduction.


Hayley Westenra - TV Appearance on The Late Late Show (RTE One) complete
© RTÉ (Ireland) 13 April 2012 (4m 19s)


Hayley Westenra - sings Wuthering Heights on The Late Late Show (RTE One)
© RTÉ (Ireland) 13 April 2012 (3m 34s)


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The reason that I like

The reason that I like Hayley's voice is that her voice is real. Some singers sing badly in TV shows or concert/shows while the studio CD sounds much better because these guys edited the tracks with Cool Edit / Adobe Audition / etc... Hayley's voice has always been real and PURE. This TV show version sounds exactly as good as the original studio CD version, and it is as good as the 2004 Live in New Zealand DVD version, maybe even better, I would say. Keep it up, Ms Hayley...

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