NHK TV Japan 2 August 2013

2 Aug 2013

UPDATE 13 August: a larger size video with English subtitles is now posted:
Click for: NHK TV 2 August 2013 (subtitled video)


Hayley Westenra was a guest on the popular NHK Japan programme "Asaichi" on 2 August 2013 and was interviewed (with translator) as well as singing her new Japanese single Bridge Over Troubled Water. She also sang the first verse of Amazing Grace a cappella.


Thanks to Maya, you can see Hayley's entire 13 minute appearance below (including the songs). We may later add a higher quality video of Bridge Over Troubled Water but in the meantime, it can be found on Youtube at:

Video: Hayley Westenra on NHK Asaichi (complete - 1.25Mbps)
Guest appearance 2 August 2013
© NHK/Decca (12m 58s)


Video: Hayley Westenra on NHK Asaichi (complete)
500 kbps version for slower connections

Guest appearance 2 August 2013
© NHK/Decca (12m 58s)


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