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1 week 1 day ago
1 week 2 days ago Backstage with Sir George, along with beauties Sarah Class & Eimear Quinn
1 week 3 days ago
1 week 6 days ago Missed you, Dublin...
2 weeks 5 hours ago RT @rte_co: Delighted to be joined by the wonderfully talented @HayleyWestenra ahead of tomorrow's performance at @NCH_Music https://t.co/9…
2 weeks 5 hours ago
2 weeks 4 days ago Getting ready for you Dublin #newhairdocare
2 weeks 4 days ago Guys, a heads-up: @maxwelljury 's debut album just came out & it's sublime
2 weeks 5 days ago Happy Sunday everyone
3 weeks 1 day ago London hangs https://t.co/O41HhM3SsI
3 weeks 4 days ago Listening through to demos of *new* orchestral arrangements for my show with the @rte_co on the 11th June and getting tingles
4 weeks 4 days ago My good vibes bring all the bugs to the yard https://t.co/fS7wsDmwe2
5 weeks 1 day ago Back where it all began #airstudios @AIRStudios https://t.co/tH1sRr525r
6 weeks 5 days ago HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my BEAUTIFUL Mamabear! You are an incredible woman and I… https://t.co/S9DTSioS01
6 weeks 6 days ago HELLO SPRING https://t.co/kiluItMj6F
7 weeks 6 hours ago #goneshopping https://t.co/9Xc2Z8zw18
7 weeks 6 days ago Getting my ducks in a row https://t.co/aiMmTb8Jhr
8 weeks 5 days ago SUNDAY
10 weeks 3 hours ago @martylyricfm check your messages ;)
10 weeks 4 days ago I had the most beautiful birthday swimming with dolphins and then mum made me this incredible… https://t.co/cuBHSxibOW

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