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4 days 4 hours ago Writers' block http://t.co/Zc8cQ0vYDs
6 days 1 hour ago Just posted a photo http://t.co/kJHlqhyylb
6 days 17 hours ago Delight in being 100% true to yourself
1 week 23 hours ago Trains, trees & song creating. Such a beautiful day. http://t.co/kmIOdsX7dM
1 week 1 day ago #WhatIf premiere last night. Cool film. Love a romcom that's not too sugar-coated. http://t.co/lC9Qw6eSnE
1 week 1 day ago Just walked the #WhatIf premiere red carpet. Forgot to breathe.
1 week 2 days ago Never underestimate the power & magic of laughter... RW, you gave us so much joy, above & beyond the rest. Thank you. We will miss you...
1 week 3 days ago #supermoon in #aquarius http://t.co/SZ20hLbXEV
1 week 4 days ago "and then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud, became more painful than the risk it took to blossom" http://t.co/mG8pBqsXbf
1 week 5 days ago Raindrops on the rooftops http://t.co/PsYjn6PUmS
2 weeks 23 hours ago Sorry, that sounded a bit pushy. Consider it a gentle, casual nudge.
2 weeks 23 hours ago Hey again, Londoners. There's a wonderful play called #TheFlood by my dear friend David Mildon on at @TheHopeTheatre this month. Go.
2 weeks 2 days ago Londoners: Come see my talented friend @tonicastells ' unique opera #LifeFromLight this thurs & fri at @KingsPlace http://t.co/J74vykKypU
2 weeks 5 days ago Thinking of & sending love to the people of Kaohsiung... Xxx
3 weeks 2 days ago Hot chocolate + a wish http://t.co/4AFFfjApnZ
3 weeks 2 days ago #lonerleaf http://t.co/KkgR32fcgF
3 weeks 6 days ago RT @UNICEFNZ: Thanks to everyone who donated tonight for #gaza children- up to about $80k so far! Thanks @CampbellLiveNZ viewers! @JohnJCam
3 weeks 6 days ago The King of comedy & tinfoil ufo making @rhysiedarby was on fire last night in London Town (this is a… http://t.co/lvdCxrsjFH
4 weeks 2 days ago And the ice cream truck
4 weeks 2 days ago Waiting for the train to pass before hitting the record button

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