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1 day 3 hours ago I'm going to be in Madison with the Wisconsin Chamber Orch. on the 18 & 19th Dec! Tickets on sale now! http://t.co/e3Glsoboon @wcoconcerts
1 day 3 hours ago The rumours are true! This December I have shows in 2 different parts of the world! For now, I can announce that...
1 day 23 hours ago #nyc
3 days 6 hours ago @helloashlea will dooo! xx
3 days 6 hours ago byeeee london! hello......
5 days 4 hours ago chose the red light for today's studio session http://t.co/qZO63sMNTe
5 days 23 hours ago forever forgetting that I can't multi-task
6 days 44 min ago new @sharonvanetten album + wine + blank pages http://t.co/EmbdCWMgJ0
1 week 2 days ago Congrats to #MalalaYousafzai & #KailashSatyarthi on their much-deserved #NobelPeacePrize win. A truly inspiring pair. http://t.co/yt7sy0md3H
1 week 4 days ago hey, lovers http://t.co/km6FemTbwg
2 weeks 4 hours ago Practising Christmas songs. Say whaaaat.
2 weeks 3 days ago "nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key" ~fiona apple
3 weeks 7 hours ago .@M_CCarpenter at the @RoyalAlbertHall last night w/ @BenjaminScheuer was one of the most beautiful concerts I've ever encountered
3 weeks 7 hours ago I've been to many a magical gig recently, however...
3 weeks 13 hours ago @xcaplin most probably ;) lovely to meet you too.
3 weeks 1 day ago When in doubt, MAKE A CUP OF TEA
3 weeks 4 days ago This is Pedro & Seb. Post-coffee (obvs not me) #studioselfie pedrovito @sebhasnoinstagram http://t.co/J6zZEtA0f7
3 weeks 4 days ago Oh hey, Rodrigo http://t.co/mHDbPZgWso
3 weeks 5 days ago London, tonight. Rodrigo Amarante singing straight to our very souls @amarante76 http://t.co/TgHTfGD3gf
3 weeks 6 days ago .@pianotim & I like to hold our important discussions at the pub http://t.co/xFHhV2foVg

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