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44 weeks 6 days ago Just posted a photo http://t.co/TxS30JQQJS
46 weeks 4 days ago Sending much love & light to France.....
47 weeks 2 hours ago including irish seaweed snacking #yesiamweird http://t.co/EhZQjUc3zq
47 weeks 3 hours ago mermaid monday http://t.co/26TQlGClBZ
48 weeks 4 days ago MUST GO TO BED http://t.co/4PVjac9mnZ
48 weeks 6 days ago Dear beautiful ones... As the year draws to a close, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your… http://t.co/lqMvomJtS1
49 weeks 2 days ago are you sure that's a good idea, tim? #1hourtilshowtime http://t.co/q56uvtSCA5
49 weeks 3 days ago thank you wisconsin! you're all so sweet! see ya again tomorrow night!!! X
49 weeks 3 days ago see ya tonight at the orpheum theatre, madison, wisconsin xx @wcoconcerts @MadOrpheum
49 weeks 6 days ago Made it to MADISON, WISCONSIN !
49 weeks 6 days ago RT @isthmus: Stop and listen: Star soprano @HayleyWestenra to sing holiday favorites with @WCOconcerts on Thu-Fri @MadOrpheum http://t.co/M…
49 weeks 6 days ago RT @CYOCork: @hayleywestenra in Concert #City Hall Cork #Ireland with @CYOCork 13/12/14 http://t.co/lCjL35YzO4
50 weeks 19 hours ago check out my festive dressing room http://t.co/zTZOvNy6Oy
50 weeks 20 hours ago still blown away by the incredible young players of @CYOCork ! what a treat to share the stage with you for TWO shows. thank you, cork!!! X
50 weeks 2 days ago just finished rehearsing with these amazing young musicians of the cork youth orchestra... see you… http://t.co/axM1vXgKww
50 weeks 6 days ago RT @wcoconcerts: Want a chance to win free tickets to our upcoming @HayleyWestenra concert? http://t.co/chi6jdKcK8 http://t.co/5f7lQQFJ6p
51 weeks 23 hours ago RT @loniklara: Favorite Christmas album: @HayleyWestenra's Winter Magic. Could listen to it all year round. #timeforcarols http://t.co/iJRh…
51 weeks 1 day ago RT @CYOCork: @HayleyWestenra @wcoconcerts we had a great rehearsal tonight @CYOCork #Ireland ready for you... See you Friday
51 weeks 2 days ago Cannot wait to see you guys at my shows in Cork, IRELAND w/ @CYOCork & then Madison, Wisconsin, USA w/ @wcoconcerts this month!
51 weeks 3 days ago wish you were here @kerenzapeacock @ryandilmore http://t.co/8nstJDx3SA

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