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47 weeks 6 days ago GO ALL BLACKS. We love you. #RWC2015final @AllBlacks
47 weeks 6 days ago Singing in this most beautiful church, the second-oldest in Brazil, was pure magic. Love & thanks, Patty & Luquinha. https://t.co/RfcwT0zbqB
48 weeks 2 days ago TAIWAN. See you on 11 Dec 2015, National Concert Hall, Taipei! So excited
48 weeks 2 days ago 12 years in the making.... Brazil with my bestie
48 weeks 5 days ago RT @NZMakeAWish: This is beautiful. Thank you @HayleyWestenra for flying across the world to grant Deborah's wish to sing with you https://…
50 weeks 4 days ago Just posted a photo https://t.co/8ZeJI8NsoE
51 weeks 23 hours ago Oh hello. https://t.co/skQAOQ7yvZ
51 weeks 4 days ago Just posted a photo https://t.co/VTdX4gamtw
51 weeks 6 days ago Back in London Town. River cruising. https://t.co/er5XzHcTUA

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