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20 weeks 1 day ago Hey Hong Kong! #roomwithaview http://t.co/CsfCb4Ago4
20 weeks 3 days ago Packing, packing, packing.... Next stop - Hong Kong! :)
21 weeks 16 hours ago #aBANDonSHIP http://t.co/v1dAZ7G7So
21 weeks 2 days ago @elshanson @realaled @BONDQUARTET @terry_wogan SO lovely to see you all xxx
21 weeks 2 days ago Just recorded a #xmassingle for #childreninneed with @terry_wogan @realaled @BONDQUARTET & the salvation army band! http://t.co/MHS6GIPZeo
22 weeks 1 day ago Beautiful Vietnam. http://t.co/uVhTwHl321
22 weeks 4 days ago A day to reflect, remember & give thanks... #remembranceday #lestweforget
22 weeks 5 days ago My heart breaks for those devasted by the typhoon. Up to 1.7 million children could be affected. To help them: https://t.co/jEamnnTFfz
23 weeks 12 hours ago I could watch fireworks forever.
24 weeks 2 days ago SERIOUS :) "@cabellogrande OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS OMG"
24 weeks 2 days ago Hong Kong! I shall be coming to see you for shows with the City Chamber Orchestra of HK on 30 Nov & 1 Dec!! X http://t.co/6ltBTs5hGO
24 weeks 5 days ago Ticket details here: http://t.co/n6rdJ3u20J Can't wait to see you all ♥
24 weeks 5 days ago Japan! I'm coming to see you in April 2014 for concerts in Tokyo (14,15th) & Osaka (17th)! X http://t.co/FMkrJqlGPX
25 weeks 18 hours ago After-party signing. Photo by the lovely @carinajirsch http://t.co/oQjvfa9PvQ
25 weeks 19 hours ago Union Chapel. Giggling with @KerenzaPeacock it would seem... Yes, most probably. http://t.co/qgsZ3GZvLV
25 weeks 6 days ago Last night - a dream come true. Thank you so much to @SchonebergGigs @UnionChapelUK @JonathanAnsell my AWESOME band & all who joined us. X
26 weeks 23 hours ago P.S. Song suggestions noted ;)
26 weeks 23 hours ago Union Chapel. London. Tonight! With my special guest @JonathanAnsell. Can't wait to see you all. X http://t.co/v6sUxmrU2C
26 weeks 1 day ago 'Tis a beautiful day in London. Went down by the river... http://t.co/Ne84q4tNCS
26 weeks 2 days ago @josselynsolis Peru!? Cool. Would love to visit your beautiful country one day. X

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