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1 day 3 hours ago When you rediscover the most beautiful gift from a gorgeous girl that I met once upon a time in… https://t.co/WtYYiDrjpE
4 days 18 hours ago HAPPY MOTHER EARTH DAY
5 days 19 hours ago Back in England got me like
1 week 1 day ago Hong Kong for 24hrs
1 week 2 days ago Street food / best noodles ever with Carol in Changsha
1 week 3 days ago #singer2017 with Terry Lin
1 week 3 days ago Thank you to the wonderful Terry Lin for inviting me to sing with you on #singer2017 in… https://t.co/I9iWjfQCB6
2 weeks 3 days ago IT'S MA BIRTHDAY
2 weeks 3 days ago GOOD MORNING TAIPEI ☀️ https://t.co/J3DZlfgRqI
2 weeks 3 days ago Secret mission to.......❓ https://t.co/q0DrOZo15g
3 weeks 1 hour ago These London days
3 weeks 4 days ago If you can't get to the beach, bring the beach to you.... Sea glass jewellery made by the… https://t.co/lN4ogRwpEV
5 weeks 4 days ago At the London Palladium last night. With the Chelsea Pensioners. And Her Majesty The Queen. What an honour.… https://t.co/czIopEP9w3
5 weeks 4 days ago Well that was a night to remember. Goodnight, London
5 weeks 5 days ago Can't wait to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday tomorrow night at the London Palladium… https://t.co/qRd8DQAtIk
6 weeks 6 days ago Sing-song with Tim https://t.co/c9AtTeRFL6
7 weeks 17 hours ago Wearing red in solidarity. Feeling the strength & love that comes when you unite ❤️
7 weeks 21 hours ago Happy #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/NpXNjqF6G7
7 weeks 5 days ago That Friday feeling https://t.co/6n7gQu0ZLm
8 weeks 2 days ago KANDINSKY

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