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16 hours 31 min ago Commuter https://t.co/Ds9LoiILZK
1 day 7 hours ago Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl I know.... My sis. Xxx https://t.co/uXmAqAuRYO
1 week 16 hours ago James Horner.... I can't believe it. We worked together on this song, which I now dedicate to his loved ones https://t.co/m1gnCJi48H
2 weeks 6 days ago Polar Music Prize-ing with this beauty https://t.co/1ZUinWa0B9
2 weeks 6 days ago Polar Music Prize-ing https://t.co/ZcXeDKEXTA
3 weeks 1 day ago Stockholm, you so pretty https://t.co/yvSkYbJUwP
4 weeks 21 hours ago Forever grateful to my fellow kiwis who have supported me over the years. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. XX http://t.co/mq6rgQoxkI
4 weeks 2 days ago Just been sent this video... So moved by your cover of my song, Saskia.... X https://t.co/IMZiDLNQpU
4 weeks 5 days ago #puppybreak with loudtigerofficial https://t.co/2qwDcptTth
8 weeks 2 days ago Today I am... #washerwoman https://t.co/ckNPJWFzLS
9 weeks 2 days ago My heart & prayers go out to the people of Nepal. @UNICEFNZ has opened an urgent appeal for the many children in need http://t.co/LE9XqUYETM
10 weeks 5 days ago Making music for you
11 weeks 4 days ago Just posted a photo https://t.co/mSZxYtdbUh
11 weeks 4 days ago THANK YOU FOR THE BDAY LOVE GUYS xxx
11 weeks 5 days ago NATURE, YOU ENCHANT ME https://t.co/IAtRoe20tA
12 weeks 1 day ago http://t.co/2snnJSi6i1
12 weeks 5 days ago Sophs brought spring https://t.co/zg6UseaByA
13 weeks 16 hours ago The new york situation https://t.co/6SHpBEVrCs
13 weeks 6 days ago http://t.co/pjkvgx3R4U
14 weeks 5 days ago RT @TimJanis: #TBT American Christmas Carol 2012 benefit @KateWinsletGHF with @SarahMcLachlan @loreena @HayleyWestenra Andrea Corr http://…

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