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2 days 13 hours ago Amethyst & sunshine ✨ https://t.co/5IXEMR5khK
3 weeks 17 hours ago With me mates @SOL3MIO at #CricketWorldCup2015 http://t.co/hoWsdsBDJv
3 weeks 18 hours ago Besties reunite at Cricket World Cup 2015 http://t.co/emKHN9KOMA
3 weeks 1 day ago RT @cricketworldcup: Are you going to join @HayleyWestenra at the FREE #cwc15 Opening Event in CHCH tomorrow? MORE: http://t.co/2jjLkmhbWr
3 weeks 2 days ago Just bought my iTunes copy of my talented friend @JackSavoretti 's NEW ALBUM. Currently no.5 on uk charts! Today is gonna be a rad day.
3 weeks 2 days ago Rehearsing with these awesome guys n girls for the Cricket World Cup opening ceremony. Thursday,… http://t.co/iWSQXXNnPS
3 weeks 3 days ago RT @ChristchurchCC: Join @HayleyWestenra for the opening of #CWC15 at Nth Hagley Park this Thur! http://t.co/69tijIXm4E http://t.co/J4qMtHn…
4 weeks 6 days ago Back home in christchurch. @angusjuliastone playing the newly-rebuilt Isaac Theatre Royal. Brother as date. http://t.co/pDg1SvGjFe
5 weeks 3 days ago kiwi summer vibes http://t.co/5P87rQwbMy
6 weeks 3 days ago Just posted a photo http://t.co/TxS30JQQJS
8 weeks 18 hours ago Sending much love & light to France.....
8 weeks 3 days ago including irish seaweed snacking #yesiamweird http://t.co/EhZQjUc3zq
8 weeks 3 days ago mermaid monday http://t.co/26TQlGClBZ
10 weeks 1 day ago MUST GO TO BED http://t.co/4PVjac9mnZ
10 weeks 3 days ago Dear beautiful ones... As the year draws to a close, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your… http://t.co/lqMvomJtS1
10 weeks 6 days ago are you sure that's a good idea, tim? #1hourtilshowtime http://t.co/q56uvtSCA5
10 weeks 6 days ago thank you wisconsin! you're all so sweet! see ya again tomorrow night!!! X
11 weeks 6 hours ago see ya tonight at the orpheum theatre, madison, wisconsin xx @wcoconcerts @MadOrpheum
11 weeks 3 days ago Made it to MADISON, WISCONSIN !
11 weeks 3 days ago RT @isthmus: Stop and listen: Star soprano @HayleyWestenra to sing holiday favorites with @WCOconcerts on Thu-Fri @MadOrpheum http://t.co/M…

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