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27 weeks 3 days ago Stag beetle sighting. We had a moment. http://t.co/u1HvHr4x3v
28 weeks 4 days ago London dayz http://t.co/tyCzAzoJmH
29 weeks 8 hours ago "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song" ~ thank you, Maya Angelou
29 weeks 3 days ago @oligerrish salut mon ami! Xx
29 weeks 4 days ago Sisterly troubadour times http://t.co/Ye1p7eimHP
30 weeks 5 days ago Park loner http://t.co/eyQQgO3zFf
31 weeks 4 days ago Oh, wow. Hi there Mr A.R. Rahman :) RT @arrahman We'll Meet Again - Hayley Westenra & Vera Lynn http://t.co/KfKEvg6m9j
32 weeks 12 hours ago @MaireadNesbitt thanks gorgeous ;) xxx
32 weeks 1 day ago Studio | Photo credit: Pedro Vito http://t.co/lEx6gSuaLd
32 weeks 6 days ago @jemmapowell01 haha! I loved meeting you guys too... Let's all catch up for cupcakes sometime soon ;) x
33 weeks 1 day ago It’s probably best if you don’t get between me & my watercolour pencils today… http://t.co/UspjhYr1cG
33 weeks 1 day ago The @RoyalAlbertHall 's not a bad venue, huh? Thanks @ClassicFM for a suuuper evening.
33 weeks 1 day ago RT @ClassicFM: .@David_Garrett, @HayleyWestenra & @A_Ottensamer - all at an incedible #ClassicFMlive: http://t.co/E4NEkDLK2w
33 weeks 1 day ago @MargheritaT 'twas a pleasure! Yes, hope to catch up soon :) x
33 weeks 3 days ago LOVE it! "@mihizawi when we met in Dublin. I mentioned me and my friend recorded this cover, hope you like it https://t.co/NkbmcJXv5P"
33 weeks 3 days ago Tomorrow I'm at the @RoyalAlbertHall for @ClassicFM Live (take 2) with @david_garrett @A_Ottensamer & @JosephMoogPiano ! Coming? X
33 weeks 6 days ago Let's be honest
34 weeks 2 days ago Happy Earth Day! #loveourplanet #gogreen #hugatree http://t.co/4dv3KYMHgz
34 weeks 2 days ago RT @rachaelyamagata: So I sing 'feed the birds' when I'm feeding the birds. So what. Feeeeeed the birrrrrrdddss. Feeeeeed theeee...and they…
34 weeks 2 days ago @tiftmerritt ah, my home country! Auckland, right? Pop out for an awesome café brunch tomorrow & then head down to the waterfront :)

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