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31 weeks 3 days ago Buy our single #christmasdream for @BBCCiN here! Feat. @terry_wogan @realaled @BONDQUARTET @PortsCitSA & myself! http://t.co/bxNUmVsMVY
31 weeks 3 days ago RT @BBCCiN: Check out the #CiN Christmas single featuring Sir @terry_wogan, @realaled, @HayleyWestenra. http://t.co/hdy0mMSp6A http://t.co/…
31 weeks 6 days ago I'd like to thank @egoraptor & @GameGrumps for their very fresh spin on "Prayer". Performing that song will never be the same again.
31 weeks 6 days ago It appears I have acquired some @GameGrumps fans...
32 weeks 1 day ago RT @rorycosgrove: @HayleyWestenra about time to start listening to #WinterMagic :)
32 weeks 2 days ago Grass & daisies & new zealand soil. In the sunshine. http://t.co/eNhEl2Xwlf
32 weeks 2 days ago RT @BONDQUARTET: Listen out for #Christmasdream with @realaled @HayleyWestenra @BONDQUARTET @PortsCitSA on @Terry_wogan Radio 2 tomorrow
32 weeks 4 days ago Rest in Peace, Nelson Mandela #Madiba http://t.co/3WgmsA3iKb
32 weeks 6 days ago Such an AWESOME way to finish the year - 2 *sold out* shows in #HongKong! The trip was a blast.... Back home and missing y'all already.
33 weeks 2 days ago Ah, Hong Kong, that was so much fun!!! Thank you. Let's do it all again tomorrow shall we? ;) X
33 weeks 3 days ago Shopping mall fun with my choir cuties! http://t.co/vLmFtuHQXp
33 weeks 4 days ago Hong Kong folk - gonna be singing a few songs at ELEMENTS shopping mall at 7pm TONIGHT.
33 weeks 4 days ago RT @AbsoluteLtd: Pre-order "Christmas Dream" by @terry_wogan, @realaled & @HayleyWestenra ft. @BONDQUARTET on @iTunes now: https://t.co/QSb…
33 weeks 4 days ago Hey Hong Kong! #roomwithaview http://t.co/NtiWKWh4Bj
33 weeks 4 days ago Hey Hong Kong! #roomwithaview http://t.co/CsfCb4Ago4
33 weeks 6 days ago Packing, packing, packing.... Next stop - Hong Kong! :)
34 weeks 3 days ago #aBANDonSHIP http://t.co/v1dAZ7G7So
34 weeks 5 days ago @elshanson @realaled @BONDQUARTET @terry_wogan SO lovely to see you all xxx
34 weeks 5 days ago Just recorded a #xmassingle for #childreninneed with @terry_wogan @realaled @BONDQUARTET & the salvation army band! http://t.co/MHS6GIPZeo
35 weeks 4 days ago Beautiful Vietnam. http://t.co/uVhTwHl321

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