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27 weeks 4 days ago Arigato gozaimasu Universal Music Japan!
27 weeks 4 days ago @Ohiyooo I love it, thank you!
27 weeks 4 days ago @UNICEFNZ thank you!
27 weeks 4 days ago RT @UNICEFNZ: Join us in wishing UNICEF NZ Ambassador @HayleyWestenra happy birthday! Thanks for all your work to help children. http://t.c…
27 weeks 5 days ago RT @UNIVERSAL_CLS: ヘイリー、東京で誕生日の夜(^^)スタッフから誕生日ケーキをプレゼント!感激してケーキを見つめるヘイリーです( ^ω^ ) http://t.co/3KtjmoHuKT
27 weeks 5 days ago Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Sending much love to you from Japan! X
28 weeks 11 hours ago Snap happy after Yukari’s & my performance for errr, 10 million viewers…. #nobiggie http://t.co/vxG88dlgX0
28 weeks 1 day ago Ohayou gozaimasu Nippon! Catch me on "Sukkiri" on NTV at 9:00!
28 weeks 1 day ago Konnichiwa Tokyoooo!
28 weeks 1 day ago RT @eLiveNavi: 今日のフリーライブ ■日時:4/7(月)18:30~ ■場所:ゲートシティ大崎 B1アトリウム ■出演:ヘイリー(Hayley Westenra)(@HayleyWestenra) http://t.co/icw9mxQy1C
28 weeks 5 days ago SO excited about seeing y'all in Japan verrrry soon! Pressing question: will there still be cherry blossom in Tokyo next week? #SAKURA
28 weeks 6 days ago My friend @JackSavoretti has a new EP out & it's ace. I think you should check out his single here https://t.co/xtkI53mqoN
28 weeks 6 days ago #anaisnin http://t.co/kjQGb1ZAiS
28 weeks 6 days ago #anaisnin http://t.co/NXNfFKQI31
29 weeks 1 day ago It's all coming full circle
29 weeks 3 days ago Oh Dublin. Last night was MAGIC. Thank you to our full house of lovely people & to the @rte_co for being incredible, as always. X
29 weeks 4 days ago RT @ChloeAgnew: Reunited with my beautiful pal @HayleyWestenra tonight before her wonderful show in the @NCH_Music !!!! #happyladies http:/…
29 weeks 4 days ago RT @pianotim: You know you're staying at a good hotel when they offer a complimentary shoe shine! Shiny shoes onstage tonight! #itsthelittl…
29 weeks 5 days ago @martylyricfm 'twas a delight to see you Marty! X
29 weeks 6 days ago Dublinnnnn! Hi.

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