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45 weeks 7 hours ago Evening, Taiwan!! Can't wait to see you all in Taichung on Saturday for a flower-themed show
45 weeks 1 day ago ...at Fengyuan Stadium! Can't wait. X p.s. it's FREE entry! https://t.co/rC4rbyJ9y3
45 weeks 1 day ago TAIWAN! Hope to see you this Saturday, 15th Oct, at 19:00 in Taichung! I'll be opening the Taichung Arts Festival with a very special show..
45 weeks 4 days ago Back in London for a moment https://t.co/jPHSkTBNEi
45 weeks 5 days ago New beginnings, new songs in LA https://t.co/Bq9bWnoJ76
46 weeks 3 hours ago Late night hangs with Bogie https://t.co/i7Af37CVn5
47 weeks 3 days ago L.A.
48 weeks 1 day ago MALIBU
49 weeks 3 days ago CONGRATS to the mighty ALL BLACKS
49 weeks 3 days ago
49 weeks 5 days ago Just posted a video https://t.co/PRob5QZY29
51 weeks 2 days ago @MartinDn1001 boom!
51 weeks 2 days ago @Gnashers09 such a breathtaking view
51 weeks 2 days ago @LibbyWA beautiful!! Where's this?
51 weeks 5 days ago #NATURE

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