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26 weeks 1 day ago RT @helaina_faith: Seeing @HayleyWestenra live on Friday! I couldn't be more excided. My #inspiration for singing. Listened to her since I …
26 weeks 2 days ago @annamleese oh hey there fellow kiwi singer! Eventually & hopefully ;)
26 weeks 2 days ago RT @lenwesterfield: @JonathanAnsell @HayleyWestenra @UnionChapelUK Coming from the US on Thursday. Should be great!!
26 weeks 2 days ago RT @JonathanAnsell: What a lovely rehearsal with @HayleyWestenra 4Fridays show @UnionChapelUK where we will be singing an exciting duet tog…
26 weeks 2 days ago Cozy rehearsal with the band #unionchapel #seeyoufriday http://t.co/YUKHqTGXpR
26 weeks 4 days ago September flower. #hoorayforthelatebloomer http://t.co/qB6pXoRarR
26 weeks 5 days ago RT @macciedoodah: I can remember when I met @HayleyWestenra when I was 13 and it was one of the most inspiring moments of my life. Still lo…
26 weeks 5 days ago 2006!? I feel old. "@johannakmh you were one of my judges in BBC Young Chorister in 2006! Just thought I'd shout that out... #nostalgia"
26 weeks 5 days ago 'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.' ~ Chinese proverb
26 weeks 5 days ago On #dayofthegirl, 33m girls are missing out on their right to education! WATCH NOW to learn what can be done: http://t.co/0ObTSulzhy
26 weeks 5 days ago Vote vote vote for my good friend @tammutu for best performance in a long running musical (Les Mis)! http://t.co/nxcXDgQCJN
26 weeks 6 days ago There's a poster, so it must be happening! Union Chapel, London, Fri 18th Oct, 7pm doors. See you there. X http://t.co/LLrNcBwQDk
26 weeks 6 days ago (not to be pushy or anything)
26 weeks 6 days ago Don't ever give up on your dreams. Ever.
26 weeks 6 days ago RT @UNICEF: On #dayofthegirl, let’s call on all world leaders to put #educationfirst for every child! http://t.co/plppvYZiDj
27 weeks 1 day ago Yeeha! For those who want to join... http://t.co/XLA2HooSNq #unionchapel #london #showtime
27 weeks 1 day ago @MoncsiiRichter I would LOVE to! Hopefully one day x
27 weeks 1 day ago So who's coming to my special London show at @UnionChapelUK on Fri 18th October then?! ;)
27 weeks 1 day ago RT @allgigs: The Week Ahead Mon 14th: @TravisBand @alterbridge Q Awards @londongrammar @officialcult @Cirque @HayleyWestenra > http://t.co/…
27 weeks 2 days ago RT @UNICEFNZ: More girls in school than ever before, yet 31m still missing out on education. http://t.co/NQnlHQAWOs #dayofthegirl http://t.…

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