Hayley sings for Children in Need (& Songbird video)

20 Nov 2010

Yesterday evening, Hayley Westenra performed a three song set for BBC Children in Need (Northern Ireland) at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. She sung Songbird, Both Sides Now and finally, Danny Boy a cappella (with no musical accompaniment) and the crowd of mainly young people listened in spellbound silence, with enthusiastic applause afterwards.

You can contribute to the excellent BBC Children in Need charity here on the BBC website.

HWI has uploaded to our Youtube Channel a video of Hayley singing Songbird at this concert, which was broadcast in the BBC Northern Ireland highlights programme on 20th November 2010. It is well worth watching, a fabulous performance by Hayley and here it is: 

Here are a few screen captures from Hayley's performance:


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